A smile when get clicked makes a good frame. Memories are locked inside your photos and videos forever. Nowadays you don’t only get captured in photos but can also upload it on social media sites where you would be accessible all the time. With the open platform of Facebook, one can upload, download photos and videos that quite is a good way of sharing it your loved ones. If you wish to create an album of all of your Facebook photos and videos you can easily do so. If you wish to transfer all your photos and videos that you have uploaded on Facebook into dropbox you are at the right place. if you are short by the network connectivity and don’t have enough data to download all of them in one slot, you don’t need to worry about it. It’s a great idea to transfer all of them into google drive or Dropbox account and let these cloud services work for you and save a backup of all your photos and albums. You can easily sync them up when you will be accessible to the connectivity.

Here are a few steps that you need to follow up for you to take a backup of all your Facebook videos and photos to google drive or dropbox:

  1. Go on a browser and search website and fill up your login details with Facebook account.
  2.  Afterwards, select Facebook as a source.
  3. The website that you logged in to will now list all your Facebook photo albums, tagged photos, videos and all.
  4. Press the “continue” and then select your destination service in the “destination” tab. From here you can choose to backup photos and videos to google drive, or choose to get back up in dropbox or can choose both.
  5. Now you need to permit to be able to start backing up and copy your selected photos and videos. grant the other permission as well and you are good to go.
  6. You will see a dialogue box which will state that your back up has been scheduled.

But if you don’t wish to opt this method you can do this directly from Facebook. But this method is time-consuming. you need to go to settings, there you will find facebook information on your left-hand side. select this option and then click on download your information option, here you need to select the photos and videos one on one.  

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